Cats, Blonde moments & times of confusion

My life is pretty boring if I'm honest but I'll post whatever crosses my mind here for whoever might be interested. This might be lots or little, funny or sad, artsy or simplistic (:

I like animals, indie, vintage, flowers, the colour purple, drawing, art, books that make me cry, adventurous/fantasy films, boys who play guitar, owls, jewellery (preferably owl jewellery ha), music, summer, my friends, rooms full of interesting objects and fashion. I have my blonde moments too, feel free to ignore them or make fun.
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RIP my beautiful pony Gordy
You’ll never be forgotten and I don’t think any other horse could compare to you :(

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me by on Flickr.

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Found my dad’s old band’s songs hehe very strange thinking this is him on guitar. Apparently they were prog rock according my boyfriend, I have not a clue but I like this one. 

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May have gone a little over board for the Halloween party….

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iwishiwasupthere: Hello, as first I want to ask you if you're Dutch, 'cause that's easier for me to talk with you :), and as second I want to know where you bought that chain of that peacock with those rhinestones.. Thankyouu!♥

Heya (: sorry I don’t speak Dutch but I’ll try to answer the best I can hehe. I think the picture you mean was of my peacock earrings but you can get a necklace version as well (: I got them from Accessorize but they have them in quite a few other shops as well now such as H&M, New look and Dorothy Perkins. I hope this helps! ♥ xxx

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